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Monday, May 27, 2013

Short Films

Yes. Watch more short films. Read more shorts stories. First time feature filmmaker? Before you make your 1st feature film, have you made enough shorts? What's enough?

Enough is when your last short film was amazing. Everyone loved it, and people started saying to you - "you should think about making a feature."

Practice makes perfect. Keep making shorts until you start to make really good ones, THEN, you can move on to developing and making a feature. We'll discuss this in the next blog, but my big tip of the day is SHORT FILMS. Watch them. Make them.

The internet is it's own form of distribution. So many people can see your short films. And if you do make a few good ones, or one really great one, it will not only give you the confidence to make a feature, and giving you the chops to do so, but it will help you raise money and attach actors and crew.

Yes, what's a great way to find good actors for your feature ? Showing them your amazing short film. So make them, and scour the web for places to watch shorts - they're many great shorts bubbling on the boogie wire all the time - watch them.

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