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Thursday, June 13, 2013

James L. Brooks and Larry Moss @ USC with Barnet Kellman

James L Brooks, Larry Moss and Barnet Kellman - YouTube

The above link is a taped and edited event I had the pleasure of watching a month or so ago at USC. Basically, for all you young and inspiring directors - if you want to learn more on how to work with actors, this is it! Almost 2 hours of real workshop style education - yes, they have directors with real actors doing real scenes!

This is USC at it's best. Education at its best.

And for those of you who might not know any of these three gentlemen, you have two choices - abandon your desire to be a filmmaker as you should already know these cats, or quickly find out who they are and promise yourself you'll get out of the house more.

It really was an amazing night. I learned quite a bit. Barnet and Larry have such creative and quick minds. Some of the stuff they came up with, and how quickly, amazed me.