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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Creating a film proposal

Continuing from where we left off, yes, when you're in the fund raising stage for your feature, you'll need to create a film proposal.

Keep in mind this is a film proposal, and I want you to focus on the word proposal. It means to suggest, or put forward for consideration. You know, you’re single and at the bar and talking it up with that someone special and you’d like to go someplace that’s a little more quiet. You propose this, don’t you? In order to be successful, you ask in such a manner that is charming, and hard for that person to say no.

Think of your Film Proposal in a similar light. Specifically speaking, your proposal should not include everything, going into every minute detail. It’s a proposal, remember? It’s a suggestion, a very attractive, streamlined suggestion to an individual to give you money. What I’m saying is, you don’t want everything, including the kitchen sink in here because it will bog down your presentation. Keep it simple.

The first thing is of course the title page.

Remember, long after your lunch meeting, this is the material your potential investor will be thumbing through, so make sure the look of it is appealing and professional. Also, since we now live in a digital age, this film proposal should live in a digital form as well, like a PDF, which you can email or transfer with Dropbox or other such free services.

So the title page is all important, as it’s the first thing people will see. Don’t have it cluttered with too much information. It should be simple and clearly state what the hell it is. Let’s say the title of your film is “Give Me Money,” the title page can state in some attractive font: “Give Me Money: a feature film proposal.”

In addition, perhaps you can have a great picture here, or an attractive graphic, something which will work well with the text.

Next post we'll get into the synopsis.