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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

on the path to making a feature

Ok, back in July and August I spent some time on film proposals - how to create them and what exactly they should include. So now, let's talk about money. Yeah, I know, it's a drag, and yes, my least favorite process of indie filmmaking.

But the good news is that today, film equipment is getting cheaper by the minute, and using SD cards and the like is SO much cheaper than film! So you should be wanting to make a film for very little money. Yes, VERY little money.

We'll spend some time on this in the next few weeks, that is, what and how to deal with making your first feature film, and really, is that the best option for you? Meaning, is it perhaps a wiser idea to make a great short first?

I know that making a feature is the holy grail, and every young filmmaker is very eager to do so, but my first piece of advise is - write/direct a great short film first! Why? Because it's the smartest thing to do. That simple. Because of the internet, there are so many avenues of distribution - so many vehicles to get your short film out to the world.

So yes, if your smart and hard working enough to actually make a great short, the world will see it and this will help you down the line when you're ready to make your feature. Gotta crawl before you walk. Make a short, make it great, then you'll gain confidence and a following, which will all help with your feature.

Next post we'll get into that dirty subject of money - how and where to start finding it.