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Monday, October 6, 2014

One Bright Shining Moment

Watched this doc over the weekend. Amazing.

"Come home America," McGovern says at the democratic convention. This is a MUST SEE film to understand what the hell happened in this country, and yes, there is hope that perhaps we can get back to this?

So, you folks out there form like 15- 30 years of age - SEE THIS FILM! Any age. See it. Think. Do. React. Be.
When presidential candidate George McGovern took on incumbent Richard Nixon in 1972, no one really expected him to win – and he didn’t. But in his bold, grassroots, seat-of-the-pants campaign, which energized young and progressive Americans to a degree never before seen, we find the genesis of today's powerful and sophisticated progressive movement.

Using a wealth of amazing archival materials, interviews with provocative figures including historian Howard Zinn, and extensive interviews with McGovern himself, this “tremendously thought-provoking tribute to the one man who could have dramatically and permanently altered America’s political landscape for the better [is] essential viewing” (CBS Radio).

Featuring music by Bob Dylan, Robbie Robertson, Donovan, Leon Russell and Elvis Costello.

Here's a trailer: