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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Creating character

Getting back to the discussion of plot or character driven stories, here's another great example of a character driven story - TOOTISE.

Click on the below link, it's Dustin Hoffman talking about how the character was created:


This is exactly what I was talking about last week - if you're making a character driven story, whatever stage it's in - script or production, so much effort needs to go in to making the character real.

How to we make characters real? As writers, director and actors? By knowing who they are. How do we know who they are? By defining what they want. What is their goal? What do they have to overcome to achieve this goal?

What are their fears? DreamsInhibitions. Flaws.

Always start by what a character wants. If you create a goal or desire which is strong and real, and hard to achieve, you'll have both a well developed character, and a strong story.