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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Low Budget Features

Ok. All the time, I get disbelievers. The common statement being - you can't make a feature for under 25K. And yes, it's usually a statement, not a question. People see this:
... and they immediately say no way.

Read the book before you say it can't be done. If you still have doubt or any questions, fire away, that's what this blog is for. Or comment/ask questions on either the Google + page or the Facebook page.

Let's start with the first basic rule of making feature films for in and around this budget - that is 25K and up to like 75K. Two big rules: few locations, few characters.

If you think you can make a feature for under 100K with as many locations and characters as a typical commercial film, you're insane. Delusional. Out of touch.

You can not. Simple. No ifs, ands or buts. This is the place where you start, that is, if you really want to make an indie film for this amount of money. One or two main characters, and maybe one or two supporting characters. And location? You should have one or two major locations.

How do I know? I did it. I shot my 1st feature Sleepwalk in about ten days. Yes, ten days! In the next post I'll talk more about the number of shooting days and how that can keep your budget down. But for now, if you're thinking, scheming, planning on making a feature for little to no money, this is the approach. The only approach. Just a few characters, and one or two main locations.

Here's a link to the book:

"How To Make a Feature Film For Under 25K"