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Friday, January 30, 2015

Sundance 2015 Cinematographers on How They Captured Their Most Difficult Shots

Good article on how some DP's came to shoot some scenes. For example:

"There is a montage in the middle of the movie where all four of our characters are in a swimming pool. We knew we wanted to have some underwater shots as part of this montage, but I was worried about the time and resources it would cost for us to put a camera and operator in the pool for just a couple of shots. I ended up having the idea to put a GoPro on an old $10 monopod and just dunking it in the water and following the action around. This was difficult because I couldn’t monitor the camera while shooting. I was just hoping for the best and luckily, it worked out great." -John Guleserian, "The Overnight"

For full article: